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Remembering Mom

I realised this morning, it's been 18 years.  Eighteen! 

Almost as much time without her as I had with her. :shakes head:

I miss her. 
I wish she was still here so she could see Bean.
I wish he would have known her.
I wish... I wish... so many things.

Today is not the best of days to begin with, missing her that little bit more isn't helping.

Cancer's a bitch. 


Happy Birthday little Bean

I can't believe that it's been 2 years! How did my little baby boy become an energetic toddler?!?

He had his party on the weekend. Three friends came over and it was the most mellow I could have ever expected from four toddlers in the apartment. They had fun playing, eating, and exploring. Tristan woke up to the living room decorated, his door had a Toy Story cover on it which elicited many "Wow's" from him. 

Later in the day we went with a friend to a cabin a sucre out in the country, he couldn't have been happier. So much fresh air and running around. He made friends with the other kids, particularly a pair of "older" girls, I think they were around 5 or so. 

Today, his actual birthday will be more mellow. We've got story time this morning and then back home to relax and tidy up after a busy weekend. 

His 2 year appointment is on Thursday, I'll find out if he's grown anymore. I have a feeling that his growth may have actually slowed down a bit, finally. He's still a big boy and learns more each and every day. 

My not so little Bean, I love you to the moon and back.

The lost art form of letters

Thanks to wood_dragon for this idea : http://www.maryrobinettekowal.com/journal/month-of-letters/

When I read this I thought to myself, that sounds so nice. How often does one get something nice in the mail? Rarely it seems. 

Most of us are signed up for e-bills that get sent directly to our inboxes, we read newspapers and magazines online. If we receive anything, it's items we may have ordered ourselves and not just a surprise note or card. 

I'm all for making the month of February a little brighter. If you're interested in receiving a note or card from me, let me know and I'll send one in return.

Happy writing!

Christmas Day!

The tree with all the gifts. Most are for Tristan, that's not surprising at all.  

I picked up a few things for myself which made for a nice morning for me. Something to look forward to a little later. 

The excitement over the various Toy Story items was the highlight of the morning. Each time he saw the characters he'd Ooh even louder than the time before.

There were a number of new pj's, socks and shirt. All were met with enthusiasm. Once he started, it was hard to stop him. He opened one gift right away and when I went to the kitchen for a moment to get his milk, I heard ripping and came back to him opening another gift, this time it was mine! lol There was a half unwrapped box set of books for me. That's when I had to watch what he was doing. He was on a roll. 

Next week we get to do this over again, in a sense. My Dad will be visiting and there will be some more gifts. Remember those crocheted food pieces I was making, well he gets them when my Dad visits. He'll get the whole kit and caboodle at once! Fully functioning play kitchen :) He's going to so excited all over again!

This morning has been a blast. We had a wonderful brunch of egg nog pancakes, bacon and eggs. I started my day with an egg nog latte, very yum. I've got some warm appetizers I'll be heating up in a bit to nibble on. Might even pull out a small cheese round and crackers. I'm making an effort to make this day different than our usual days together. So far I think it's working.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! 

My holiday project for Tristan - update

So I've managed to get more food done. I'm very pleased that I've been able to keep up the pace and even put myself ahead a bit. As you can see I've made a number of sweets, including a mini pumpkin pie, mini cupcakes, and a jammy dodger cookie. I've made a bowl for the fruit so it has a place to go. I've also started on garnishes, having made 2 tomato slices, I will make 2 more tonight and then start on the lettuce. 


My holiday project for Tristan

I came up with an idea that might seem a bit ambitious but so far it's proving not to be so difficult.

I've noticed that Tristan likes playing with his tea set and thought, wouldn't it be great if he had a play kitchen. So I found out about a pattern for a cardboard kitchen which I decided I'd make once my hampers arrive at the end of the month and I have the cardboard.

Well a kitchen needs food, right? I started about the 3rd week of October and decided that every day till the end of November I'd crochet one food item. The total will be 42 individual items. Some are really quick and they make up for the ones that take a little longer. This is what I've made so far :) For each of the fruits I've made a pair of them, so 2 apples, 2 pears, etc.

I've got a couple of the whites of fried eggs waiting for the yolks. I don't currently have any yellow that would work well, once I do, the fried eggs will be finished off very quickly. Also, there will be BACON! Can't wait to make that. lol

Happy Halloween!

Tristan and I had an awesome evening out, with James in tow, watching Tristan ooh and ahh over each decoration and costume that went by.

My on the move Totoro :)

Trying to get a pic of the two of us proved difficult

My crazed kitchen witch look

Tomorrow Tristan finds out that he got a bag full of candy and that, yes, he is allowed to eat it.

18 Months old!

In some ways this last month not much has happened and yet...

there's more than enough that I can ramble for awhile about it...Collapse )

17 months old!

Almost 1 1/2 years old, where did the time go?

There's been a growth spurt the last few weeks, definitely outgrown any 18 month clothing, I've put a number of items in bins the last week alone. Shirts are still 24 months or 2/2T and bottoms have now moved up to the same. I've noticed that his feet are slightly bigger as well, the size 7 sandals, although fitting have less room in the toe than they did a month ago. I'm afraid that the size 7 winter boots I have for him won't fit when the time rolls around!

He is signing please and help when asked. Thank you is becoming more frequent, both in sign and spoken. I love that he still blows kisses when signing thank you. A couple days ago he started signing whale. He also signs fish, crab and shirt.

Still waiting for the canines to come in, both upper and lower. They must be moving around because I notice days where he's drooling and sticks his whole hand in his mouth.

His appetite has decreased over the last few months, he still has days where he can be quite hungry, but for the most part it's fairly steady. He's not an overeater, he'll let me know when he's done.

His squeal isn't completely gone but it's fading. He picked up a new noise recently, a lower pitched growl which is a huge improvement. He still can make quite the fuss when he's frustrated or excited but that's to be expected.

His nap is closer to noon now and lasts about 1 1/2 hours. He's waking closer to 7am and although he's in bed by 7pm, I have been hearing him talk himself to sleep the last few nights and he's not usually asleep till closer to 7:30pm.

He still enjoys watching TV/movies with me, he'll cuddle up next to me, either quietly or comment on what we're watching. He also brings me books, so many, many books. He loves reading either with me or by himself. I've noticed when he's "talking" lately that he does a pointing thing with his hand as if to make a point. It's not a particular sign it's just
another way of him expressing himself.

He's very social, loves seeing other kids and adults. We attended a going away party for friends of ours and he had a blast. There was music, people and food, what more could a child ask for?

He has started having "temper tantrums" when he doesn't get what he wants. They generally don't last long, but he'll stomp his feet and scream hoping to get his way. It usually doesn't work. There's been the occasional throw himself on the floor fit, but again, it doesn't last long. He's exploring boundaries, trying to figure out what he's capable of and realising there are rules to be followed! lol

He is now able to jump with both feet off the ground and tip toes around with great delight. Because of his climbing I've had to re-arrange his room and took away the day bed. There was too much of a risk that he'd climb up and jump off and get hurt.

All in all, I've noticed a developmental jump this past month, my little boy is growing up.

16 months old!

Well it's a little late, but better late than never.

He wears 24 month tops and sometimes size 2/2T depending on the cut. He's had a growth spurt and the 18 month shorts I bought him for his birthday are very, very snug. Definitely moving up to 24 month size or even size 2. His growth is slowing but it still feels like it's not long before he outgrows stuff. I think I have a giant on my hands! lol I got his feet sized in June and he's a size 7. We're moving out of crib shoes and into real shoes! He's been wearing a pair of sandals this summer that make him look like such a big boy.

He got his first hair cut which was really just cleaning up the back so he wasn't shaggy. He's turning into a real bona fide toddler these days.

New words this month are thank you along with the sign. He is still at the stage of repeating it back when I prompt him, but it's cute. It comes out Tok ooo and he blows a kiss with the sign. He signs cereal, hot, hat, brush teeth, outside and my favourite, book.

All the molars are in! Thank goodness, although it's not long now before the next set start moving their way down.

He's still an eating machine although I've noticed a bit of a decrease in his appetite. Thinking this might mean a decrease in growth spurts or it could be a weather thing. There's really nothing that he doesn't like.

The screech has turned into a squeal and for a bit there I thought we were on our way to making it go away but then it came back. I've noticed that most of the time it's when he's excited, although there are times it's just for attention. Mostly, it's a happy sound, just loud and hurts the ear drums. Still working on that.

His one nap of the day is starting to work it's way to an early afternoon time. Right now it's around 11 - 11:30 start time and lasts for about 1 1/2 hours. It depends on our day, if we're in or out what his night was like. He's in bed around 7ish and wakes around 6:30 - 7. I'll hear him waking earlier but then he'll fall back asleep after a few minutes of crying, there's no way I want to get up at 5 in the morning!

He has started watching things other than Signing Time which amuses me to no end. He'll sit on the couch next to me when I'm watching the Food Network and "chat". He's very talkative and has started creating "sentences" and "words", I love hearing him tell me stories.

He's an active boy who climbs on everything at home. He has taken to trying to jump off things when I am near which tends to make me nervous. He's been enjoying visits to the pool or to water parks. We're working on finding groups where we can meet other kids his age to help socialize him more.